Ant Squisher 2

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Squish all the Ants! There are Ants everywhere! Squish Ants as fast as you can, but make sure not to touch the Ladybug and Beatle!
Experience a frantic bug squishing adventure when your screen is filled with swarms all Ants.
The more you Squish, the more that appear! try to Squish the super fast Ants for more bonus points!
and now are includes two additional play modes:

Normal Play or Classic: Squish Ants without killing any Beetles or Ladybugs; the more you squish, the more that appear!

Speed Mode: where you have to race the clock to Squish as many Ants as possible.

Free Play: where you can casually Squish all the Ants without timers or game overs (it's very very suitable to for all Kids and Baby)

The gameplay is designed to increase in difficulty based on your personal skill!

Product feature bullets:
Endless game modality for Kids!
3 Play Modes!
Super addicting gameplay!
Super fun for all!
Balanced difficulty!
Amazing colorful graphics!
Funny sound effects!
Great music background!