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Block match games provide interesting, comfortable, fun and difficult difficult levels for players of all ages.

The goal of the game is to put blocks on an 8x8 board and fill the lines. To erase multiple rows or columns at once, drag the blocks onto the board. Line up and enjoy sparkling, satisfying animation. Blast as many blocks as possible at once with a relaxing experience.

Players use strategic thinking and quick brain rotation to create more combos.
Score points for every block blast.
Clear blocks with quick moves and upload combo!
There's no time limit and you don't have to play fast.
Think carefully in every move and make the right decision!

As it progresses, it becomes more difficult to hit the blocks, so players should think more and plan their moves carefully.
Make your own play strategy and win the competition with people all over the world!

How to play :
- Drag the block onto the board and place it on the grid.
- Fill in the line to clear blocks from the board.
- Break blocks at a high speed to get combo points!
- Beat the Block and win the competition with people all over the world!
- Press the crown to check my ranking!