Candy Blast - Candy Bomb Puzzle Game

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Forget the old times! Because the most delicious game of colored candies is here!

Are you bored of the orthodox color match games? : Candy Monster is here to make you taste the delicious flavor of the candies around! Reach out for the colored candies quickly, or else they will reach you, and its game over!

Candy Monster, the best game for any age group. This fun and delicious puzzle matching game will have you entertained for hours! The goal of this match 3 puzzle game is to swap matches, three in a row or more, horizontally or vertically with other candy blocks to create divine combinations. Clear all the candy blocks by making combos and enjoy every moment as you progress through hundreds of levels. Find out why so many people love playing this addicting game- it's easy to play but hard to master!

Welcome to the best candy egg puzzle game! In this game, find a matching combination of candy blocks. You can swap matches for free or more delicious combinations with horizontal and vertical games that have three in a row or more. Burst various barriers with fun Trick moves and smarts and be rewarded to the next level. This is an amazing game that has hundreds of levels waiting for you to play! The graphics are also very good. If you're looking for something new, give it a try now!

Candy Monster has been a popular mobile game for years. With its unmatched popularity, many other companies have tried to emulate its success with their own sugar-rush games. There are now dozens of different options that are available on both Android and Apple devices. However, none of these games can compare to what we think is the best new option: Candy Blast! This game offers hours upon hours of addictive game play with over 100 levels in an adorable package. It's easy to learn but difficult to master which means it never gets boring or stale! You'll be hooked before you know it!

Candy Monster features:
Candy Monster is a fun, challenging puzzle game
Download the best Match 3 and candy game for free!
Match 3 puzzles are easy to play and fun to complete
Use your sense of spatial awareness in this puzzle match 3 game
A quick and fun game for those who want to play a puzzle match 3
This game is perfect for anyone who can't put down their phone
Refreshing take on the classic billiards physics
Do you love candy? Candy Monster Has plenty of it!
A fun and challenging puzzle game
Brain teasers for players who love a challenge
Candy never looked so good!
Cute Combos For Divine Matching Combinations.
Super addictive puzzle game
Time flies while you play the game, and it's easy to just keep playing for hours
Playable by any age group
Unique features that make game play more challenging than your average puzzle game
Best new game for candy lover connoisseurs and puzzle gamer alike.
Hundreds of levels to choose from
Satisfies your hunger for sugary puzzles with a match 3 Candy Monster game!
You can play the game with your friends or family as a team
The candy block puzzle matching combination is simple and addictive
You get rewards when you complete levels
It's free to download
Play this addicting, colorful and fun game
Have the best time of your life in crazy candy combos
Match blocks to achieve high scores
Blast barriers to advance through levels
Incredible puzzle game with delightful graphics
Fun and addicting match 3 brain teaser candy blast