Muscle Clicker 2

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Build muscle for a skinny guy in the sport game Muscle Clicker 2. It’s not as hard as it looks, you just have to click on the screen. Train your arms with dumbbells and kettlebells, try bench press. To pump your legs, use exercise bikes and treadmills. Pull up and squat as many times as possible, throw and kick the ball as far as possible.

Game features:
- Workout with dumbbells and kettlebells, exercise bikes, bench press and treadmills.
- Set new records in intense competitions in pull-ups, squats, throws and ball kicks.
- Buy and train with new weights and simulators to gain more experience and money.
- Buy and use stimulants to increase strength and endurance.
- With each new level, that muscles grow and you get status points to increase your arms and legs strength, legs, and endurance.
- Wear different hats and shoes. Choose game backgrounds and colors of shirts and shorts.
- Choose music tracks.
- Play Offline! The game does not require internet connection.

Try this intense fitness game and watch your muscles grow. Train your body and become a cool bodybuilder and workout master. And don't forget - movement is life.
Have fun!